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Here we go again #TyreNichols

Had some time pause, reflect, and pray.

I support Law Enforcement, to all my friends and brothers wearing the badge, God bless you. However, I abhor thugs with badges.

I support those that were the badge and actually consider it an honor to serve our communities, but I stand against cowardice and superiority complexes that can cause one to treat another human being as inferior.

As previously stated I am not interested in the video, but I I am however, interested in the trial. Something tells me that while defense attorneys will make appeals for leniency, the prosecution will show us that they are EVERY BIT of the evil we see them to be. I can’t wait to hear the police, misconduct, allegations, complaints of abuse, and other infractions that we’re probably filed away in their service jacket. Yes, we will likely get to see that someone new some if not all of these men were either corrupt, ticking time bombs, or even worse! Infractions that wouldn’t see the light of day if this lynching had not occurred. Imagine that, justice will be served ONLY because the world became an eyewitness to THIS transgression.

Which points to a systemic issue amongst police culture in our nation that seemingly lacks accountability and breeds distrust. By all means, there’s only so many times people will stand for the, “He should’ve complied” line followed by another hashtag (especially since video footage of these lynchings have become common place).

I can’t recall who this quote is attributed to but, “Absolutely power, corrupts absolutely.” In other words unchecked power can likely lead to abuse of power.

We’ve prayed long enough, but the Bible says faith without works is dead. Thoughts and prayers are just thoughts and prayers if action doesn’t follow. If there was ever a time to push for reform (and no, I don’t mean Defund the Police), the time is now because why we have been taught and conditioned to fear only the thug on the street… Nevermind

This. Hurts.

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