"My aim is to assist you in finding leadership qualities within yourself and to help you identify the emerging leader. My purpose is to coach you to your maximum potential, challenge your insecurities, and help you reveal hidden strengths."

- Dr. Kephyan Sheppard, D.MIN, D.B.S

Sheppard Consulting Certificate Training Programs

Our Certificate Programs are currently presented in a flexible online format. We are here to help you and/or your organization maximize your potential and prepare you for an ever-changing world.


Our programs:

Leadership Development

  • Time Management

  • Culture Building

  • Balance

  • Embracing Leadership Style

Small Business Launch

  • Vision

  • Growth Strategies

    • Customer Retention​

  • Establishing Culture

Diversity Training

  • Dealing with the Racial Divide

  • Healing Through Difficult Conversations


Team Building

  • Establishing Trust

  • Managing Personalities

  • Identifying the Strengths of Each Team Member

    • Building Value​

Matters of Ministry

  • Training and Developing the Staff

  • Planting the Ministry

  • The Balance of Virtual Ministry

  • Community Engagement

Customized Coaching Templates

  • Designed to Challenge You to Become Your Best Self

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