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Happy new school year! As we prepare to launch the school year, many of us have become inundated with questions concerning our uncertain, yet immediate future. Because of COVID-19 and all of the safety protocols that have been set forth by our state and county officials, our school district has opted to begin the school year with distance-learning. As a parent, it has become quite the adventure transforming my daughter’s room into a middle school classroom, but here we are!

We have never before navigated through these waters. Many households will struggle to create a household conducive to learning. Many students will require extended support. Because of this, communities will have to pool resources to ensure our students continue to get the support they need. Together we can brainstorm and form community tutoring and support groups. Utilizing Zoom and Facebook, I believe that we can offer virtual support that will greatly impact the students in need. Something to consider!

Speaking of home life, I noticed something this weekend while we were preparing our daughter’s virtual classroom work area. Because this is new to all of us, many parents may not know how to properly adjust and create a pathway for success within the home. Here are a few pointers:

Respect the classroom on behalf of your student:

  • Students will need focus in the virtual classroom, just like the physical one. Do the best you can to shield them from “in home” distractions during learning hours.

Build the routine as if they are headed to campus because they will be soon:

  • Keep them prepared for when the doors of the school reopen. Encourage them to get dressed, eat breakfast, and establish designated break and lunch times.

Take advantage of tutoring:

  • Parents! You are not in this alone. Tutoring is available, and with the common core math, I believe we all will need it!!!

Get a hotspot:

  • This is important. They are available at the schools. Without a hotspot, virtual classroom instruction will utilize a majority of the bandwidth on your home wife router. A hotspot will give the student a dedicated source of Wi-Fi 33 for classroom endeavors.

Lastly, please send your prayers and well wishes to our home:

  • Nothing is wrong with us, just realizing that our home is being transformed into a middle school, two offices, a movie theater, and a gym.

Breathe, relax, let’s not stress over things beyond our control. At the end of the last academic year, we celebrated students for their resilience. Let’s keep that same energy! From senior athletes wondering if they will get a chance to compete, to elementary school students who don’t quite understand why things are the way they are, our students are dealing with a world of anxiety that’s completely foreign to us. They need our support, they need the structure that we can provide, and they need us to be patient.

Let’s make it a great year, I firmly believe that the best is yet to come.

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