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Birthday Thoughts

Well, it’s that time of the year. Should the Lord say the same, I’ll celebrate birthday number 43 on Monday. Year 42 was full of, well let’s just say it wasn’t easy. But God is faithful. Because we’re in the process of moving this weekend, I figured I’d post these now. Thank you in advance for the birthday wishes, I love you all. As I prepare to closeout year 42, here are 42 things to ponder:

1. Your faith should be in God alone.

2. Your purpose isn’t defined by anyone’s approval.

3. You don’t have to be that deep to see misery. Some folks live to complain and be petty, avoid them or their drama will consume you.

4. The ones that brag about their loyalty, will often be the first to break your trust. Sometimes it’s the ones that declare, “I don’t change up” that end up changing up first.

5. Love people. Genuinely.

6. It’s ok not to be ok.

7. People that have seen the worst of you and are still there? Cherish them.

8. Build and maintain boundaries.

9. Appreciate the fact that some relationships are seasonal. When you appreciate that fact, you can avoid bitter goodbyes.

10. A lie will eventually fizzle out, don’t fret, they typically have short shelf lives.

11. True story, people will storm out of your life… and get mad because you don’t chase and beg them to return.

12. Never give a fool access to your platform and influence by addressing their foolishness.

13. Speaking of platforms, those that don’t have one will have no problem helping you destroy yours.

14. You can recover from falls, King David had several and was still remembered as a “man after God’s heart”.

15. Laugh more. Laughter really is medicine for the soul.

16. No one has ever changed their mind, perspective, or viewpoint is changed as a result of a social media argument, you’re literally arguing with a brick wall.

17. Live! Enjoy life.

18. Whatever you put into an endeavor, you will receive from it. Can’t expect “Big things” from “small effort”.

19. Season changes are one of life’s guarantees, they don’t need your permission.

20. Rest! (Remove Every Situation and Thing) and take time to recover.

21. If you’re anointed, truly anointed ? You may not be understood and likely will not be appreciated by most.

22. Speaking of being misunderstood, let them think whatever. Pursue peace, let the Lord deal with their perceptions.

23. Every separation doesn’t need to be dramatic. Learn to be amicable even in disagreement.

24. If you start that project today, a year from now, you’ll be glad you did.

25. Aim to leave here empty. Every gift and talent He’s blessed you with should be poured out until there’s nothing left when it’s time to leave this earth.

26. You have to stop trying to be everyone’s cup of tea, some folks just prefer water.

27. We’re to quick to “cut people off”, sometimes difficult people are our assignments.

28. Speaking of water, drink it and mind your business.

29. Humility….. that’s where elevation begins. It’s a race to the bottom.

30. Take care of yourself spiritually, physically, Emotionally, and mentally. It’s OK to take a time out so that you can heal. Remember you cannot pour from an empty cup.

31. No matter how bad it gets, you’re literally one decision from changing your life for the better.

32. He WILL keep those who keep their mind on him in perfect peace, I am a witness.

33. We are blessed to be a blessing. Consistently look for those that you can bless. It comes back in a miserable ways.

34. You have to watch those people that always seem to find enemies. Every fallout is not the other person‘s fault.

35. Forgive easy and often, remember that’s the way the Lord is with us.

36. Speaking of forgiveness, it’s a release of the grudge and need for (even the expectation of) an apology. Forgiveness is a real flex. However, It is not a mandatory reconciliation. Guard your heart

37. Anyone looking for offense will surely find themselves offended.

38. Be careful who you vent to when your frustrated.

39. Normalize listening without making the conversation about you. Some people just need to be heard.

40. As bad as you think you have it, someone has it worse. Be grateful for what you have.

41. Be a part of something greater than YOU!

42. The box they’d like to put you in? Bust out of it.


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