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Break the mold!

My entire life I’ve been told “what I should be” and “how I should operate”…. The issue is, when you’re one of a kind, it makes some uncomfortable because they haven’t a box to put you in. Folks will literally dislike you because you don’t “flow” the way that they prefer.

They’ll say things like,

“You’re a preacher so you should ….”

“You’re a single parent so you can’t ….”

“You don’t have a degree you can’t….”

“You don’t have the support, you shouldn’t”

A word the Lord gave me a few years ago concerning this is “prototype”. Prototype is defined as, “A first, typical or preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied….”

Friend, don’t be offended at their short sightedness. Allow their rejection to lead you in another direction as you continue to pursue all that God instructed YOU to pursue. He didn’t speak to them, He has spoken to YOU. You don’t owe them an explanation, but He will hold you accountable for not accomplishing what He formed you to accomplish.

Being misunderstood concerning your assignment is perfectly normal for a prototype. People often criticize, fear, and misunderstand that which they’re unfamiliar with. They’ve literally never seen anyone break the mold like you! Don’t allow them to confuse you, they’re verbally criticizing and silently imitating.

You are a prototype! BREAK THE MOLD!

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