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Dear Pastor

Let’s Talk About the Book

I am pleased to announce that my new book, “Dear Pastor: A Word to the Wise” is set to release later this month. This book is a labor of love and has been written with a few things in mind. First, for the Pastor who is answering the call to plant. I want to encourage you and help you build. My desire is to walk you through a few of the things you will encounter as you launch the ministry.

To the established Pastor. One of the things that I learned over the years is to strive for and maintain balance. The ability to build a healthy balance with ministry, family, and even your own mental health is extremely important. This book will be a blessing to you. It is my prayer that through this book you are able to see that you are not in this alone. Pastoring can be a lonely road, but please understand that I am standing with you.

To those in leadership, this book is for also for you. Your Pastor needs you. This book will provide you with firsthand knowledge of the weight your leader carries. It is my prayer that after reading, you will seek God for ways to stand and support your Pastor. Throughout scripture we see that the leader’s staff plays an integral role in vision pursuit. This book will help you!

Finally, this book was written for those in the body of Christ that may not have an idea concerning the lives that Pastors lead. There is the presentation that you see on Sunday morning, then the private life of hidden struggle that many may face throughout the week. These struggles include the balance of parenthood and ministry, the importance of placing your marriage first, and beyond. There are 7 chapters full of information that I guarantee will be a blessing to you.

I can’t leave out the fact that I also address community engagement. Jesus instructs us to reach the world in the Great Commission, and I believe the “world” is right in our own backyards. Now more than ever, the community is need of the church. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to rethink the way we do ministry on several fronts and because of this, ministry has had to evolve from in person worship to a virtual setting. This book was written to help encourage you even in this area.

Dear Pastor as I close, I want you to remember once again that you are not in this alone. I wrote this book with you in mind to encourage you, build your leaders, and bring awareness to some of the things that you face. I am praying with you! Pre Orders will officially launch Monday 2/8, simply contact me at and order either the virtual or print format. (Virtual available immediately, print available on or before 2/20).

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