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It’s Long Lost

Updated: May 27, 2022

From Buffalo to Uvalde, we’re searching for answers and missing the mark. Background checks and other measures aimed at making the process A little more stringent to acquire firearms may slow down some of the madness that we are seeing with your lives. However, let’s be honest. Laws mean little to those who are set on breaking them.

Laws and reforms don’t alter or effect morality. Yes we may have a gun issue but even beyond that, we have even greater issues within this county concerning ethics, morals, and accountability.

From mass shootings at schools and churches to killing sprees and gang violence in inner cities, nothing will change until hearts and behaviors change. I don’t care how many laws are passed, the laws seldom have applied to the lawless.

Additionally, let’s stop picking and choosing when to use the mental health excuse. Because if we’re honest, a person showing up at school and a person shooting up a community could both be classified as mentally unstable according to many of our standards.

But the solution lies in the hearts of the perpetrators, not solely on the lawmakers.

- We don’t value human life.

- We don’t respect each other.

- Parents are unaware (and sometimes uninterested) in the lives of their children.

- Children have become increasingly deceptive and clever when it comes to concealing things from parents and authorities.

- Gun culture has been promoted and celebrated but Gun accountability hasn’t broached with the same energy.

- Conflict resolution (internal and external) is avoided altogether.

- Community has vanished.

- Obviously everyone does not share my faith, so this is for those that do. Even in the church, prayer has been replaced with politics. Instead of petitioning God to move, we opt to force the hand of elected officials to act according to our convictions.

I could go on, but you should probably be picking up what I’m putting down by now. Guns are an issue, but responding to guns and gun reform alone is like treating a persistent cough without at least inquiring about the root cause of the cough.

In pest control, whenever someone had a roach problem we tell the only way to remedy the issue is to remove everything from the cabinets and counters, pull all appliances from the walls, and clear out under the sinks. That’s literally the only way we can treat the issue. You see, the thing with roaches …. Folks focus on what they see running across their counters, without considering the bigger issue is hiding in the crack and unnoticeable crevices.

We have roaches. The only way to get rid of them is to do a total clean out 🇺🇸.

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