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It’s Upgrade Season

If anything, COVID has shown us how creative we can be. Many of us have juggled working from home, while overseeing our children and their schoolwork schedules. Then there are some of us who have had our jobs go completely virtual and had to learn to adapt on the fly. Finally, some of us took an opportunity to launch small businesses and ideas that our typical 9-5 prohibited us from pursuing. If you fall in one of those categories, this is your season of upgrade. Now, before you get excited, let me walk you through this upgrade process.

1. Change your mind

Now is the time to change your mind concerning your past failures. The last time you stepped out and launched with a creative idea, it didn’t quite work the way that you anticipated. However, this is a new season, a new door has opened. So now it’s time for you to fix your mind on success rather than failure. You cannot afford to focus on who won’t support you, but trust that there are hundreds of people waiting on what you bring to the table. Imagine being so aggressive in this season, that every individual that you meet because? the referral for someone that would like to support what you were doing. Change your mind, think positively about what it is you’re about to step into.

2. Change your work habits

This is not the time to be lethargic or lazy. As the world is preparing for the greatest reset we have ever seen, you have to be in position and ready to go when things begin to look like normal again. We have had a year to brainstorm, create, and even network, and now it is almost “go” time. Think about it this way: the varsity basketball team spent months practicing in preparation for the first game, and now here it is opening night and they are behind the curtain in the gymnasium, waiting to run out on the court and defend the championship. Well that’s what we are right now, we’ve been practicing, anticipating, and preparing and now we are standing behind the curtain ready to take the court. When the game starts, we no longer have time to get ready, we have to BE ready!!!

3. Change your personnel

This one may be difficult for some, because some have become so attached to their current circle that they’re almost afraid to step out. This is the time to remove yourself from any and all people who cannot support you wholeheartedly. This is not the season for asylum supporters, this is the season to be around people that will push you to become the greatest version of you. I’m not saying that you can no longer be friends, I’m not saying that you cannot longer communicate, but what I am saying is you can no longer afford to waste time with those who don’t believe in you the way that you need to believe in you. Additionally, this is the time to be open to new relationships, relationships that will sharpen and challenge you. I often say that if you are the smartest person in your circle, it’s time to get a new circle. Let this season help you build the circle that you need to have, one that will push you to greatness.

I truly believe this is upgrade season, are you ready?

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