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They Can Not Win

It goes without saying but we are at war. This war is not against what is being shown across our media platforms. This war is not against people who don’t look like us, or people who don’t vote the way that we vote. This war is against an unseen enemy that goes by the name of racism but is rooted in evil. This enemy thrives on division and misunderstanding. This enemy thrives on the fact that most will never lay aside their opinions and consider the perspective of another. This unseen enemy recruits the ignorant and has built an army based off of bigotry, prejudice, and extreme hate. However, just as those forces of darkness have come together and unite it in order to push an agenda of evil, racism, and division… We have to beat them at their at their own game. We will never win divided, those of us that know better will have to stand together

THEY want you to believe this is a race issue. That these are battle lines being drawn to begin a race war. Look at the footage... people from every race and ethnicity are protesting and looting.

THEY want you to believe that it’s an attack against ALL police. When in essence, it’s a cry for justice toward the FOUR officers that were involved in the lynching and a plea for officers to intervene when they see something isn’t right. A plea for equity in the justice system.

This is not BLACK vs WHITE, it’s not even REPUBLICAN v DEMOCRAT... it’s shaping up to be those that are FED UP vs those that desire to keep SWEEPING THINGS UNDER THE RUG.

THEY can not win.

Let’s not allow the narrative to shift and the goal post to be moved. Let’s focus on the main thing, which is justice for Mr. Floyd.

How do we heal? Below I have listed a few suggestions:

Healing and understanding:

- “I’ve never experienced what you’re feeling, but I won’t diminish it”.

- “I realize that you’re not the perpetrator, and I’ll work on my verbiage so it doesn’t appear as if I’m painting everyone who looks like you in a negative light”

- “We are not each other’s enemy, there is a force, an evil one after our peace and liberties”.

- “Let’s stand together regardless of who the victim is this time around and unanimously declare that we won’t tolerate hate, racism, division, or fear tactics”

- “Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. 4 Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.” Philippians 2:3b-4

We don’t have to conform to this narrative of divide. We can do better and be better.

Thinking out loud.

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